Daughter of Kieran


For decades, the land of Solarin has been sharply divided by an ongoing battle between light and darkness in an alien realm sharply reminiscent of both our past and our present. In a land where high priests determine a child’s future by the nature of her inherent magical talents, what place is there for a woman who has none?


“…and thenceforth did Solaar, in His might and wisdom, banish His impudent bondmate from His presence…In protection of His people, placed His twin handmaidens into the night sky. To this day they stand guard, ever present, to protect His chosen sons and daughters from the darkness of Kieran’s treachery…”

~ Songs of Solaar XIII, 7:3


“…though the handmaidens watch through the night, in deepest darkness does the Lady Kieran make her presence known. To those who would hear, she sings the song of wildness, chaos, and divine freedom. Though the fallen be damned, they dance, and ever the darkness grows…”

~ Proverb and Prophecy, 23:11



Abandoned by her mother as a toddler, Alisandra finds refuge in ReObsol’s conditional welcome.  When its priests discover her magical handicap, they curse the child as she’obfus.  Yet buried within herself she finds gifts that neither the high priests nor Alisandra herself could ever imagine.  Those gifts could lead to ReObsol’s destruction–or its salvation.


“Eons ago, before the birth of mankind, when all Solarin was but overgrown wasteland, the Great God Solaar, in his infinite loneliness, sought to create himself a mate. Having searched the land—and finding no finer material for her creation–he reached within himself and brought forth clay from which to mold her presence. For three days and three nights he sculpted, pouring the darkness of the sea at night into her skin and the brightness of the stars as sapphires into her eyes. He poured the will of the leptara into her mind and the wild love of the zadier doe into her heart. When he could do no more but stare on her perfection, he pressed his lips to hers, and breathed into them the breath of life. When her eyes first gazed upon his, he whispered to her his name for her: Kieran.

Thus say the scriptures of the time before the Fall.”

Excerpt, Choosing Her Chains

Now a young woman, Alisandra lives and works in ReObsol’s shadows under the tutelage of the widowed weaver, Amalra. In exchange for Amalra’s protection, Alisandra begrudgingly bears the shackles of outcast. Everything changes when Ryshel–Alisandra’s secret paramour–ends their liaison to accept a sacred handfasting to Sylvin, the tribe’s heir apparent. For the first time, the heartbroken Alisandra must decide how to direct her own path. To do so she must question everything she thinks she knows about ReObsol’s tribe, its past, and her own place within it.

Loosing one set of chains often requires the willing acceptance of another. In a land ruled by submission to pious tradition, her growing yearning for liberty may be the siren that unwittingly calls forth revolution.

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Book Two: Homebound (Working Title) – Anticipated Release Fall 2016