About Amalie

Amalie CantorAmalie Cantor, author of the Daughter of Kieran fantasy series, identifies first and foremost as a Writer-In-Progress.  She currently lives in Norman, Oklahoma with her wife Katherine and their feline familiars, Sadie and Salem.  She writes poetry, prose, and fiction focusing on the intersection of sexual/gender identity and spirituality.  She also blogs about whatever shiny object has captured her attention for the moment at DaughterofKieran.com and spends far too much time working on her social media presence when she could be writing.  Her debut novel, Choosing Her Chainsis currently available through Amazon.com.

When not wasting time behind a computer screen, Amalie enjoys cooking, knitting, crocheting, and enjoying the literary debauchery of her local book club.  She strives for moderation in all things–including moderation.  She also watches far too many bad BBC shows and is pretty sure her personal trainer has reported her missing.

Find Amalie on Social Media:

Twitter: @AmalieCantor

Instagram: @AmalieCantor

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmalieCantorAuthor/


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